Conversational AI meets Customer Support

Delight customers and deliver ROI to your customer service

Service agents deserve superpowers

(Neevconverse - NLP powered Conversational AI Solution)

Unlock Increasing Value Over Time

Through NeevConverse we provide Natural Language Processing based AI responses powered by Deep Learning techniques to customer service requests that save you precious time, improve response accuracy, 20%-30% potential cost reduction and 10%-30% potential improvement in customer satisfaction ratings.

Don't leave your customers waiting – Automatically responds to common customer queries

Be on top of Customer issues – Get Insights into recurring problems and identify areas of improvement

How It Works

Customer messages from multiple channels appear in your CRM Software (Native connectors available for SFDC Service Cloud, MS Dynamics CRM, Oracle Service Cloud and other industry leading CRM solutions)

NeevConverse AI’s deep learning & NLP algorithm suggests responses based on historical service transcripts and attaches a confidence score to the response



Impact: 10%-30% Potential Cost Reduction

Impact: 10%-30% Potential Improvement In Customer Satisfaction

Increasing value over Time - Goes Beyond Savings

Reduced Churn

89% of customers have permanently switched to a competitor after a bad experience. Happy customers will stay with you.

New service agents Onboarding – Faster & efficient

Your new operators would learn incredibly fast if they were always assisted by your most experienced operator. Our conversational AI is that operator.

Handle Seasonal Demand

Higher Customer Service call volumes due to seasonality or during new product launch can be handled effectively

New Sales Conversions

Faster Problem solving enables proactive sales conversations and then converting them.

A discovery workshop is the primary entry point for all our client consultancy and product design. Through this workshop we aim to gain a good understanding of your organisation, the data you hold and your business challenges. We then start to define where AI, ML & DL could help to solve these challenges. Our clients benefit from a rapid acceleration of their understanding of AI technology and start to build strong relationships with our team.

The next step after the discovery workshop often is the feasibility analysis. Our team will do a feasibility analysis of the project. During this phase we will spend some time prototyping, with a sample of real data in order to determine whether it’s an efficient use of your resources for proof of concept to go ahead. We will tell you before you commit any more time & money whether this is right and suitable for your organization. We will put together some initial hypotheses outlining what we expect a proof of concept to deliver and what the outputs may be. We will also advise on costs & timings for developing the proof of concept with you.

A proof of concept will build on the work from the feasibility analysis but using more data from a longer time period. The application model will be carefully considered with a view to future-proofing it for a full roll out. The machine will be thoroughly trained using enough data for us to more accurately predict the outcomes of a full roll out. The output will be a tool that you and your staff can play with and test, as well as training and tweaking the model going forwards. We will also confirm costs & timings for the full project delivery.

If we have a positive outcome from the earlier phases, we would then move into full project delivery. We apply our traditional software development experience and machine learning expertise to build the application out including all desired features and functionality for an initial launch. We also look to the future and work with you on a framework & roadmap for likely additional developments.

We offer an end-to-end service including roll-out, education and consultancy for successful launch & adoption. We also offer ongoing support, monitoring and continuous improvement.

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