In today's cloud computing era, machine learning solutions drive exponential benefits from improving systems. Machine learning's ability to leverage Big Data analytics and identify patterns offers critical competitive advantage to today's businesses.

Often used in combination with artificial intelligence and deep learning, machine learning uses sophisticated statistical modelling. These complex systems may reside in private cloud or public cloud. ML Produces more accurate results as more data is added to a task and analyzed over time.

As per industry research, more than 50% of consumers will interact with services based on cognitive computing almost on a regular basis. Companies across industries have started integrating cognitive capabilities to decrease costs, enhance efficiency, and boost revenue.

NeevSystems helps enterprises infuse advanced intelligence into their products, solutions and applications using cutting-edge cognitive technologies. We help clients in formulating cognitive strategies and identifying key business areas to implement automated business operations and processes.

Service Offerings

We enable businesses realize the possible opportunities by integrating the power of cognitive technologies into their products and services.

  • Digital Transformation Roadmap
  • Algorithm design
  • Exploratory Data analysis
  • Product Development
  • Solution accelerators
  • Data driven model training
  • Continuous Integration & Deployment
  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Chatbots

Platform Expertise

  • Platform expertise - IBM Watson, Google Cloud platform
  • Frameworks and Engines - TensorFlow

Programming Languages

  • Python
  • R
  • Java